APSRTC Online Booking

APSRTC Online Booking


Andhra pradesh state road transport corporation (APSRTC) is a public sector corporation providing bus services under the Ministry of Transport of the State government of Andhra Pradesh. APSRTC has been awarded many times by International bodies for its excellent performance. It has been declared the largest bus fleet in the world by Guinness Book of World Records with currently operating at more than 23000 buses. Charted Institute of Transport, U.K. has awarded it with “Road Safety Award”. For many consecutive years APSRTC is winning, “Production and Fuel Efficiency Award” from central government of India. Quality services with high security measures are the striking features of andhra pradesh state road transport corporation and it is determined to provide these services continuously through a process of team spirit for the highest satisfaction of the passengers. 

Reservation Rule For APSRTC Online Booking

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) is connected with internet and gives the facility to its customer to book online tickets direct from home. Through apsrtc online booking, you can get your reservation tickets easily. If you wish to make reservation online, you may visit www.apsrtconline.in.  Read the terms and conditions carefully and   log up for your membership at apsrtc online booking. Your transactions are kept secret with high definition encryption keys and all these transactions are termed as formal agreement. Through andhra pradesh state road transport corporation you can travel any part of Andhra Pradesh. Next time when you visit www.apsrtconline.in, you will be asked to put member ID and password. If you ignore the terms or make more than one ID, you may be charged for violation of service. All the transaction are made through ATM credit/ debit cards on APSRTC online booking counter.

Cancellation And Refunding

  • On APSRTC online booking you may cancel your trip.
    • There are fixed charges for cancellation with respect to number of days before you cancel your ticket.
    • Refunds are cleared in one month after cancellation.
    • You may go APSRTC website for cancellation.
    • If you find any difficulty to get back your money you may call on helpline telephone number at 040-67293900 from 04:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs.
    • You may also make enquiry by mail at online.support@apsrtconline.in
 Advantages Of Online Booking
  • The andhra pradesh state road transport corporation offers a lot to make your journey happy.
  • You can avail on online reservation service which saves your precious time.
  • The problem to stand in queue and to wait for your chance is cumbersome.
  • The andhra pradesh state road transport corporation feels pride to serve their passengers.

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